"There is some kiss we want with our whole life

the touch of spirit on the body"



Kissing School for Birth Workers

Expecting a baby, or expecting to expect a baby?

  • Are you eager to transform your fears of birthing?
  • Do you know that ecstasy can be part of your birth experience?
  • Are you aware that sexual energy during labor can greatly improve the outcome?
  • Are you interested in a soulful and empowered experience of intimacy, birth and parenting?

…the path of making love with life requires us to inhabit our bodies fully, even though this means going against a great deal of cultural conditioning.

Jalaja Bonheim, Hunger for Ecstasy

The energies that conceive the baby are also the energies that birth it into the world, so whether you want to put it in or push it out, come learn about the intimacy, the energies and the hormones that empower conception and birth. Come to Kissing School for conceiving & expecting couples & cultivate intimacy for now, for birth & forever.

Allied birth workers and their partners are always welcome.

10 am to 5 pm


Fee $235



Kissing School for

Birth Workers

Beyond the old stories of pain, fear and disenfranchised birth there is a new paradigm, a new vision and experience of birth blossoming. Revelation, freedom and profound intimacy are being experienced by those who are willing to put aside much of the insanity that we have packaged into the technical and TV versions of birth.

 "I’ve never seen a tear in a woman who was kissing her way through the pushing phase of labor or touching herself as her baby emerged."  

Ina Mae Gaskin, Guide to Childbirth

With the assistance of wise birth workers, there are now couples who are releasing themselves from fear and resistance and reclaiming their self trust and an embodied natural ability to birth. The empowered paradigm couples are engaging in practices that cultivate joy, passionate presence, heartful nurturing, empowerment and an engagement of sexual, emotional, and spiritual energies.

These practices bring strength and mastery and engage the hormones of inner peace, connection and harmony everyday, and when birth begins these same hormones activate and sustain the rhythms of birthing, bonding and nursing. 

After the birth, these practices weave the partners a web of sustained connection, with themselves, each other and the family..

 Kissing School on Hormones!

  • The energies of intimacy

  • Birthing hormones are loving hormones

  • Feeling safe, warm, secure & loved

  • Connecting as heart-centered lovers

  • Comfort measures for pregnancy & birth

  • Power of intimate touch and the soulful gaze

  • Engaging emotional & sexual energy

  • Mastering the Kiss Sublime

Click here for a .pdf file of our brochure on this class

View Today Show video on Orgasmic Birth - click here

 "The major role that the body’s natural oxytocin plays in birth encourages the idea that birth is an experience of love…birth is a spiritual experience simply because it is largely an act of love on the part of the body physiology and the indwelling spirit."

Cathy Daub


When:  Email for next class date

Where: Seattle, WA

Fee:     $235.00 per couple

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